HotelTap helps you meet your guests' expectations with communication, task completion & maintenance in one application

Communications & Responses?


Guest Requests & Tasks?


Inspections & Preventive Maintenance?


Equipment Records?


Complaints & Maintenance Issues?


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HotelTap gives you

Analytical tools

Track and understand your guests' complaints and property maintenance issues on an analytics dashboard to make improvements and increase your hotel's guest satisfaction scores.

HotelTap helps you

Understand and meet guest expectations

Our affordable and simple solution includes a free translation feature which can be used by your employees in their language of choice, including Spanish and Chinese.

  • Digital log book in the cloud
  • Replaces notebooks, paper tickets, internal emails, spreadsheets, text messages & radios
  • Accessible from desktop or iOS and Android apps
  • Mobile Notifications sent to employees for instant communication
  • Task setting and completion; Complaints Resolution
  • Spanish Language translation
  • Manage WaitList, Lost & Found, Group Reservations
  • Create recurring checklists for shifts, inspections and preventive maintenance
  • Easily search your information with tags and words
  • Equipment records to help you make informed expense decisions
  • Attach documents, photos & videos to notes and tasks
  • Unlimited data storage and notifications
  • Daily Activity Reports keep a paper trail of all your communications
  • Data security with daily backups
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HotelTap helps you

Increase guest satisfaction

"Hotel staff was helpful and responsive."

"They accomodated our requests."

"Issue was resolved promptly."

"Will stay again!"

Improve your guest reviews with HotelTap’s cloud-based information system that ensures all employees, departments, and managers have accurate information and updates about customer needs, requests, and complaints.

HotelTap lets you

Ditch the mess

Replace logbooks, sticky notes, paper memos, binders, emails, radios, and the rest of your cluttered communication tools with HotelTap’s all-in-one, easy-to-use system.

HotelTap gives you

24/7 Security

Your data is securely stored on our cloud servers with daily backups. We’ll send you Daily Activity Reports of all your communications for you to file or print. We also provide round-the-clock live technical support.

HotelTap lets you

Run your business from anywhere

View and manage your hotel’s daily operations anywhere, anytime, and from any device, with HotelTap’s cloud-based management system.