HotelTap ‘Digital Log Book in the Cloud’ is Coming to HITEC- June 21-23, 2016

Owners and operators of limited-service hotels with 50+ rooms who are looking for workforce technologies to improve staff communications and better meet guests’ expectations should plan to visit HotelTap next week at HITEC. The HotelTap “digital log book in the cloud” uses a social media network format to replace notebooks, paper tickets, sticky notes, internal … Read more

Give Your Staff the Gift of Better Communications in 2016 with HotelTap

[Alameda, Calif. — December 1, 2015] — The New Year has just begun and with it comes expectations for prosperity with heightened revenues and increased guest loyalty. Hotel owners and managers can enter 2016 knowing that they will operate stronger than ever before by equipping their staff with HotelTap—a fun and affordable communications tool that … Read more

How technology can help your hotel minimize negative reviews.

In the hotel business, guest complaints are inevitable. But negative reviews on TripAdvisor and Yelp are not. By being proactive about customer service, hotels can reduce the number of negative reviews they receive on these influential websites. Online reviews can make or break a hotel. We know, anecdotally and through industry studies, that reviews matter … Read more